Waipuna - Hawaiian Music by Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat
Buy Waipuna's Album - Mana'o Pili Waipuna is an exciting collaboration of two talented individuals, Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat. Their eclectic musical backgrounds and similar taste in music has led to the development of a unique sound that draws comparisons to their name, Waipuna, or spring water. After the release of their critically acclaimed first album, Manaʻo Pili, in November of 2009, the duo has been blessed with the opportunity to share their music with Hawaiʻi, the continental US and Japan. Kale and Matt invite audiences and fans to return with the release of E Hoʻi Mai, a collection of songs that pay tribute to where they have come from, recognize the people that have helped to guide them, and provide a glimpse as to where their music will lead them. Like the fresh water from the mountain spring that travels downstream bringing life to the loʻi (taro fields), Waipunaʻs music will rejuvenate your senses and encourage personal growth by providing a melodic serving of music for the mind.

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2013 Na Hoku Hanohano WINNER
for Single of the Year
Merry Christmas Darling
Mahalo to all of our supporters that voted for MERRY CHRISTMAS DARLING as the
2013 Na Hoku Hanohano SINGLE OF THE YEAR!

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Waipuna Wins 3 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards!
The Na Hoku Hanohano awards took place on Sunday, May 27th, 2012
and Waipuna was fortunate to take home 3 awards for the following categories:
1. Group of the Year - Waipuna
2. Island Music Album of the Year – E Ho’i Mai
3. Single of the Year – ‘Ainahau (Miriam Likelike)
Waipunaʻs 2nd Album, E Ho`i Mai, was also nominated for
the following categories:

1. Album of the Year – E Ho’i Mai
2. Song of the Year – E ‘Ike I Ka Nani A O Poli’ahu (Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett)
3. Favorite Entertainer of the Year - Waipuna
4. Liner Notes - E Ho`i Mai (Neil Hannahs)
5. Haku Mele - Ku`ono`ono (Puakea Nogelemeir)
6. Hawaiian Language Performance of the Year
Mahalo for your support of Waipuna and the music of Hawai'i.

at a store near you!

After three months in the studio, countless hours of listening,
and the priviledge of working with a talented cast of guest artists,
Waipuna invites you to pay a return visit and submerse yourself
in the progressive traditional sound of Kale and Matt!
You can pick up your copy of E Ho'i Mai at the following locations:

Corner Kitchen - Thursdays, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
East Honolulu Clothing Company *Clothing Sponsor* (Waimanalo)

Target (Kona, Salt Lake, Kapolei, Hilo)

Kaua'i Hawaiian Music Store Kiosks in Hanalei & Kapa'a
Sam's Club

Basically Books

Me Ke Aloha

Japan Amazon.com

Having trouble finding the CD?  Send an email to us at
waipunamusic@gmail.com and we can arrange to have it sent to you for just $16. 
Weʻll even autograph it for you!

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