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The Hawaiian word waipuna, translates into “spring water”, an essential resource for supporting life, the very definition of wealth.  Just like the refreshing spring water that continually bubbles forth from the ground, the Hawaiian music group, Waipuna, who burst upon the music scene in 2008, has sustained a steady pulse of creative energy.

With dramatic musical arrangements and progressive instrumentation, Waipunaʻs one-of-a-kind sound combines the traditional teachings of their mentors and expands the boundaries and expectations of todayʻs Hawaiian music.   The group consists of founding members Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat, as well as David Kamakahi, who joined the group in 2011.  The eclectic collaboration of these three uniquely talented individuals not only provides for an innovative sound, but allows the group to successfully cross-over (as well as combine) various genres of music with ease.

Waipunaʻs music has been widely appreciated and enjoyed not only by the people of Hawaiʻi, but also a wide spectrum of audiences around the world.  They have provided inspirational accompaniment for hula dancers, touched hearts through their poetry and earned seven Nā Hōkū Hanohano awards (Hawaiʻiʻs version of the Grammy Awards) for their first four albums.

As full-time musicians, the trioʻs active tour schedule keeps them busy throughout the year, with shows from Japan to North America and even Europe.  Kale, Matt and David take pride in the responsibility of sharing the Hawaiian culture in their travels, and enjoy reshaping and redefining peopleʻs understanding and expectations of Hawaiian music.

“A kahe mau ka wai ola o ke ao nei…” – And thus, the living water flows on…

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2 weeks ago

BAY AREA - SAN MATEO - Check out brother Matt’s beautiful handcrafted jewlery this weekend.

The Kealohi Collection will be in San Mateo this weekend. Please come by and check out my designs and also please like my Instagram and Facebook page theKealohiCollection

3 weeks ago
Mana Maoli

Sunday was filled with esteemed visitors, protocols and aloha galore. Mahalo to Mana Maoli for capturing this special moment of us paying tribute to #Maunakea, Poliahu and Waiau, by performing the ... See more

He nani nō ia! Kumu Hula Frank Hewett dancing to his mele, "He Aloha Waiau", performed by Waipuna Music, in front of the kūpuna tent at Maunakea.
Jam 4 Mauna Kea - Live Worldwide! #jam4maunakea ... See more

3 weeks ago
Photos from Waipuna Music's post

Sunday - Woke up at 5am, boarded a plane with instruments and donations of 4lbs of mamaki and warm clothing, trekked up her slopes to join our lāhui at Puʻuhonua O Puʻuhuluhulu, experienced aloha, ... See more

1 month ago

This performance is to raise awareness of the different ways you can support the protectors and kiaʻi on Mauna Kea. #Maunakea #AoleTMT #KuKiaiMauna #ProtectMaunakea #WeAreMaunakea

Hawaiʻi ... See more

1 month ago

Eō Mauna a Wākea noho i ke kapu. Through our music and through our actions, we stand with our kiaʻi, our koa ʻāina, our kūpuna, and our Mauna. #KukiaiMauna #MaunaKea #NoTMT #Kanakaoiwi #Hawaiian

1 month ago

Rai-shuuuuuu! Mata soon, onegaishimasu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu. 😎🥰🤓

1 month ago
Photos from Waipuna Music's post

Sunset on the Beach!!

1 month ago
Photos from Waipuna Music's post

Aloha Kakahiaka and Happy Aloha Friday! This weekend starts off with Hawaii News Now at 8:10am & 8:50am w/Hālau Hi'iakaināmakalehua to promote this year’s Queen Liliʻuokalani Keiki Hula ... See more

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