Waipuna - Hawaiian Music by Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat
Buy Waipuna's Album - Mana'o Pili Waipuna is an exciting collaboration of two talented individuals, Kale Hannahs and Matt Sproat. After many years on the Hawaiian music circuit, these two Kamehameha School graduates first performed together as a duo on a tour to Japan in October 2007 with Kumu Hula Noelani Chang. Kale and Matt’s eclectic musical background and similar taste in music has led to the development of a unique sound that draws comparisons to their name, Waipuna, or spring water. Just like a mountain spring, this talented duo provides a new refreshing sound that fills the senses and captures the mind.
Waipuna Entertainment is

Hawaiian Music : Waipuna is available for concerts, private and public events, tours and hula competitions. Hawaiian Hula Shows : Waipuna features the energy and grace of the Waipuna Dancers performing to both traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music with their own Waipuna flare. Hawaiian Hula Instruction : Waipuna provides an introductory class on the history of hula and teaches basic steps and movements for beginners. Hawaiian 'Ukulele Instruction : Waipuna will teach beginners the basics of the ‘ukulele and how to play Hawaiian songs. Hawaiian Cultural Consultation : Waipuna is available to provide consultation on Hawaiian culture including music, hula, history and much more. Live Sound Reinforcement : Waipuna has the ability to provide quality live sound amplification and audio engineering for both small and large events.

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Waipuna – spring water – conjures inviting and powerful images:
water gurgling forth as a treasured resource,
a force that reaches out to the horizons with its life–giving flow,
a connection to ancestors nurturing the generations to come.